Chief Tafuna to be buried in Mporokoso

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——-Lungu chiefs have agreed to bury the late Senior Chief Tafuna of the Lungu people of Mpulungu district in Malaila area in Chief Mukupa Kaoma’s chiefdom in Mporokoso.

The agreement was arrived at during a meeting this morning held at Isoko palace in Mpulungu after two days of consultations.

Senior Chief Tafuna Chimwando died at Mbala General Hospital on Monday, last week after an illness.

In a brief to government officials, Chief Chitoshi of Mporokoso said the family had sorted out their differences and that after consultations, they   agreed to bury the late chief in Mporokoso instead of Mbete area in Mpulungu.

Chief Chitoshi, however, added that there was need for the Lungu people to constantly engage in talks so that their differences could be sorted out amicably.

There has been confusion for the last two days on the burial of the late Tafuna after Mpulungu chiefs insisted that he could not be buried at Mbete, the original site for the burial of Tafunas because the deceased did not pass through the traditional mill before he ascended to power.

The Mpulungu chiefs had further argued that allowing the body of the late senior chief Tafuna to be put to rest at Mbete would be tantamount to breaking tradition.

But this stance had incensed their counterparts from Mporokoso who had argued that there were ready to pick the body and bury it in Mporokoso where the deceased hailed from.

The Lungu clans extend to some parts of Mporokoso district in Northern Province.

Before he ascended to the position of senior chief Tafuna in Mpulungu where he had spent 45 years on the throne, the late chief was Chief Mukupa Kaoma in Mporokoso for 19 years.

He was 88 years old and is survived by 13 children, 66 grandchildren, 59 great grandchildren and five (5) great-great grandchildren.

Mpulungu Member of parliament, Freedom Sikazwe, who was accompanied by District Commissioner, Juliana Chuzu and other senior government officials, commended the chiefs and   lndunas for reaching an amicable conclusion.

Mr Sikazwe assured that government would provide logistical support in terms of transports and other necessities needed to transport the body to Malaila in Mporokoso.

Burial is expected to take place later today, Tuesday.