Lunga opens for development

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Lunga opens for development

Lunga, Jul 2/13, ZANIS—— Luapula Constituency Member of Parliament,   and Local Government and Housing Minister, Emerine Kabanshi, has thanked President Michael Sata for declaring Lunga a district.


Ms Kabanshi said the declaration of Lunga as a district was bound to open up the area for development.


In an Interview with ZANIS, Ms Kabanshi said the declaration of Lunga as a district was the beginning of giving the Unga people and the area an opportunity for development.


She said the Unga people of Lunga district were in the past marginalised and forgotten and left out in almost all national events.


The MP said the people in the area never celebrated the Independence Day, International Women’s Day and Youth Day which were good events to enable them think about new ideas.


She said following the district status given to them by the President, they will begin to think of their capabilities and what they can do with the resources within their reach.


Ms Kabanshi expressed happiness that in the past the Unga people of Lunga never grew any vegetables but following the agricultural show, which was held recently, some people in the area have started growing vegetables, which she described as a sign that the people were determined to develop.


She predicted that some will soon start growing maize as they were already growing rice which needed to be scaled up.


The MP said since the Patriotic Front (PF) came into power, Lunga has secured two dredgers to be clearing and deepening the water channels to open up the area so that people could trade freely because water channels were the sole means of transport in the area.


Ms Kabanshi added that through her ministry, two markets will be built at Kasomalunga and Bwalya Mponda in addition to the construction of 30 staff houses, 20 of which are medium and 10 high cost, and a civic centre.


She added that there are some mothers’ shelters which have been put up using the Constituency Development Fund and some schools whose roofs were blown off have been repaired.