Passengers Association calls for stiffer penalties

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–Passengers, Pedestrians, Cyclist Association of Zambia (PAPECA) president Lawrence Kaoma has called on road traffic officers to stiffen punishment for bus drivers contravening the laws.



Mr. Kaoma has asked the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and Zambia police traffic officers to seize drivers’ licenses to drivers found loading in undesignated places.



He  observed that off late drivers taken the law in their own hands by loading from streets leaving designated bus stations.



ZANIS reports that the PAPECA president said this in an interview in Lusaka, today.



Instead of  charging the contravening drivers a penalty the traffic officers should start revoking their drivers’ license adding that many drivers despite the charge do not feel the pain but continue operating in the streets, he said.



He noted that revoking the license will deter others and force other would be contraveners to get but into the bus stations.



Mr. Kaoma said government and other stakeholders should strengthen road safety awareness programs to all road users.



Passing his massage of condolences to the United Party for National Development (UPND) Mr. Kaoma said there is need for all road users to be well informed.



He noted that it is sad to note that people’s lives have continued to be lost on the road due to careless driving, overloading among others.



He stated that it is sad that people especially during weddings, funerals take it for granted to overload and pass through police check points with impunity.  



Meanwhile Mr. Kaoma has asked government to quickly put in place a new management board at RTSA.



He said it is now eight months since the board was dissolved adding that the institutions needs a board for it to effectively operate.