Chuumbwe ‘canes’ outspoken Father Bwalya

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Chuumbwe ‘canes’ outspoken Father Bwalya


Lusaka, June 05, 2013, ZANIS…Lusaka Province Patriotic Front Chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe has accused father Bwalya of being Judas Iscariot because be abandoned Jesus Christ for secular matters to fulfill his human desires.



Mr. Chuumbwe has also described Father Bwalya’s our busts in the political arena as utopia which will not take him anywhere in the Zambian politics.



The provincial Chairperson said that the unwarranted attacks by Father Bwalya on the President and the PF Party will not yield an results.



Mr. Chuumbwe said Father Bwalya is a bitter man who expected to be rewarded much that he was given hence the bitterness against the PF Government.



ZANIS reports that the Province Patriotic Front Chairperson said this in an  interview with in Lusaka, today.


“It is just the act of indiscipline in the party of Father Bwalya. He is just a bitter person because he expected more than he was rewarded as former Zambia Electricity Supply Co-operation Board Chairman”, Mr. Chuumbwe noted.


He further warned Father Bwalya to be careful and avoid nu necessary attacks on the head of state and the PF.


Mr. Chuumbwe appealed to Zambians not listen to the outburst of Father Bwalya because they are made out of anger and bitterness.



Yesterday, Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) President Frank Bwalya has likened President Michael Sata to Judas Iscariot of the Bible who betrayed the Lord Jesus.



Fr. Bwalya alleged that  many people including him had great hopes in President Sata and feel betrayed by turning away from the ideals which he believed on while he was in the opposition.



He contended that the man whom people considered their ‘savior’ has drifted away from his core values saying he has betrayed the Zambian people like Judas did to Jesus.



He also alleged that the PF under President Sata has become worse than MMD in corruption stating that it has started engaging themselves in corruption which he also attributed to the rising cost of living and prices of goods and services.



He said he has, however, no regret supporting Sata and the PF in 2011 saying he was convinced that they will deliver according to their promises.



Fr. Bwalya who strongly campaigned for the ruling party has since advised the Zambian people not to vote someone out or in government because of desperation for change.



He explained that the Zambian people made the same stance in 1991 and 2011 when voting out Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda out of desperation for change but that never helped matters.



He has since advised the electorates to carefully analyze candidates during elections to ensure that they usher in credible leaders in government.

Fr. Bwalya.