Kabompo invites oil marketing investors

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The district leadership in Kabompo has appealed to oil marketing companies to consider investing in the fuel sector in the area.

Kabompo district council secretary Francis Nkhoma made the appeal in an interview with ZANIS in Kabompo today.

Mr. Nkhoma said the demand for fuel in the district was high now that the Mutanda-Chavuma road has been completed .

He said the development has also resulted in an increased flow of motor vehicles into Kabompo.

Mr Nkhoma said the district has also recorded an economic boom in all sectors of the economy following the opening-up of the area due to improved road infrastructure.

He said agricultural activities, fish farming, beekeeping and mining explorations are attracting investors to the district.

He said Kabompo is one of the districts in the north-western province where oil and gas explorations were proved positive over five years ago.

He said Kabompo produces groundnuts and  organic honey of the highest quality on the international market and has huge potential for large scale rice and sugar cane production

However, Mr. Nkhoma said there was need to build filling stations to avoid dependence on fuel from illegal dealers operating in shops and on the streets.