Subsidy removals to benefit poor – .NorthWestern province Minister

Minister for the North Western Provinces, Nathaniel Mubukwanu (left)
Minister for the North Western Provinces, Nathaniel Mubukwanu (left)
Minister for the North Western Provinces, Nathaniel Mubukwanu (left)

Northwestern province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu says the removal of fuel and maize subsidies must not be misunderstood  as it was in the best interest of ordinary Zambians.


Mr Mubukwanu says assertions being made  by some sections of society that government is being  insensitive to the needs of Zambians by the decision to remove fuel and maize subsidies were  false.

The Provincial Minister was speaking when he officiated at this year’s Kufukwila Traditional ceremony of the Kaonde speaking people of Senior Chief Mukumbi  the  15th in Solwezi  at the weekend.


Mr Mubukwanu noted that only a few ordinary Zambians especially those in rural areas benefit from the subsidized fuel and maize, adding that government will ensure that the money raised is channeled to other developmental projects across the country.


Meanwhile,  Mr Mubukwanu said government stands ready to support efforts aimed at reducing poverty and urged traditional leaders in the province to take up the challenge to lead and guide their subjects in engaging into meaningful social and economic activities.


Mr Mubukwanu said government will continue to support the traditional leader’s efforts in their quest to develop the country.


Speaking at the same ceremony , Kufukwila Traditional Ceremony Organizing Chairperson, Brenda  Mukumbi appealed to government to help the chiefdom address the challenges faced  such as  electrification and upgrading of the rural health centre into a fully fledged clinic.


Ms Mukumbi said the people in the chiefdom depend on the dilapidated health center for health services hence the need to rehabilitate and upgrade it.