ZNFU analyses removal of maize subsidy

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—-The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has embarked on a critical analysis of issues raised by Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Bob Sichinga, after he announced government’s removal of subsidy on maize.

ZNFU president, Jervis Zimba, told ZANIS in Lusaka today that most of the issues raised by the agriculture minister border on matters of policy, therefore the need to seriously study and understand the move before coming up with a stance.

He noted that the removal of financial support on maize will have adverse effects on maize farmers, the cost of production and mealie meal prices.

He explained that the union has already started receiving concerns by farmers expressing mixed feelings regarding the matter.

Mr Zimba said some farmers have also conveyed displeasure on speculation that government will soon remove support on farming inputs such as maize and fertilizer which will disadvantage the farmers.

He further said the ZNFU will issue a comprehensive statement outlining the views of farmers regarding the recent development in the agricultural sector.

Yesterday, government announced the removal of subsidies on maize posing a possible hike on mealie meal prices and the cost of living.

This comes barely a week after government removed subsidies from fuel and other petroleum products.