Govt clears landmines in Imusho

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-The National Committee on Anti Personnel Landmines Chairman, Gabriel Namulambe, says government wants to clear and make safe areas where landmines were buried by freedom fighters during liberation struggles.

Mr Namulambe, who is also Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, said this when He addressed local people in Imusho area of Sesheke in Western Province.

Mr Namulambe explained that some freedom fighters, who participated in the independence struggle of neighbouring Angola, left behind landmines after the country attained independence hence the decision by government to clear all the landmines in Imusho.

He said government is committed to see to it that local people live in communities free of landmines.

The Deputy Minister said it is the wish of the government that local communities carry out their agricultural activities in a safer environment.

He wondered how development can take place if landmines are not unearthed from where they were buried by freedom fighters.

Mr Namulambe said the presence of landmines threatens national development as contractors my shun building schools and roads in places were land mines are present.

He appealed to elders to educate children to report any suspicious looking objects    to avoid children being killed by explosives.

He said children are the ones who are more prone to be victims of landmine accidents, hence the call to educate them.

And Mr Namulambe also implored elderly Imusho residents to surrender their firearms to the state.

He said the state is interested in mopping all illegal firearms from the communities.

The Deputy Minister further advised local people to desist from fishing beyond the Zambian boundary.

He said government has received a complaint of Zambians fishing illegally on the Angolan side.

Mr Namulambe advised Imusho residents to stick the Zambian side when fishing to avoid straying into Angola.