ZACA leads with govt to reconsider fuel price hikes

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—-The Zambia Consumers Association (ZACA) has called on government to reconsider the move to increase fuel pump prices as it has adverse effects on the national economy.

In an interview with ZANIS today, ZACA Executive Director Muyunda Ilionga said the move will result in increased cost of living for the Zambian population, whose majority is still wallowing in poverty.

Mr Ililonga has implored government to also consider the plight of the unemployed, poor and lowly paid citizens whose budgets cannot be stretched.

He stated that the increase in fuel prices will lead to increased cost of goods and services thereby impacting the lending services in the banking sector as workers will not have the capacity to save.

ZACA further explained that increased fuel prices and the pending revision of electricity tariffs will cripple the private sector as it remains an active participant in growing national economy.

Mr Ililonga said fuel and electricity play a major role in the production cycle and that increased prices will raise the cost of production for private sector businesses, which will not expand and result in increased unemployment levels.

He said as government is striving to alleviate the life of all Zambians and create employment, there is need to control and stabilise the economy.

Various stakeholders in the provision of goods and services such as transport have announced upward adjustment in their services due to the increased pump price of fuel following government’s announcement of the removal of subsidise on petroleum products.