Catholics in Mungwi call for peace, unity

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—–The Catholic Church has called for
peace, unity and togetherness among Zambians in order to development
the country.

And Government says it will work with all citizens in implementing
developmental programmes in the country regardless of their tribe or
political affiliation.

Speaking during a church service at St Francis Nseluka Catholic Parish
in Mungwi today, Fr Victor Mukuka said all Zambians should be
regarded as equal partners in development regardless of one’s tribe.

The Catholic priest said no tribe in the country is superior to
other tribes, noting that marginalization based on tribe has potential
to stir civil war among citizens in the country like it has done with
Rwanda and many other countries.

Fr Mukuka stated that Zambians should embrace oneness and strive
to maintain peace and unity among tribes.

He said Zambia, being a Christian nation, people from all tribes should
preach peace and unity and further work together to ensure that the
country develops.

He said the fact that some languages are easily spoken by many people
does not mean the tribe of that language is superior to others.

The priest further called on government to ensure that it delivers on
the promise it made during campaigns so that people who are members of
the church can benefit.

He said that the state of the nation is the state of the
Church, saying if the nation is rich or poor, even the Church will
be rich or poor.

The clergy, however, praised government for road infrastructural
development in Mungwi district and the rest of the country.

He urged government to continue with development, adding that the
Church will always work with the government and ensure that poverty is
alleviated among people.

He noted that in the past governments did not supplement the efforts
of the Missionary in building and renovating schools and health
centres which he said now lie in ruins and called on the Patriotic
Front Government to quickly work on them.
And Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Christopher
Yaluma, said his government will work with all Zambians in re-building
the country.

Mr Yaluma said the PF government has an ambitious programme of constructing
roads, schools, hospitals and many other infrastructures which he said
people of Mungwi will also benefit.

He said no one will be left out in the development of the country based
on their tribe or political affiliation.

The Minister praised the Church for its supplementary role in development, saying
government is appreciative of the efforts of the Church.

Mr Yaluma, who is also Malole Member of Parliament, said his government
will ensure that it builds a girls’ secondary school in his constituency and
build a much needed district hospital.

He assured the people of Malole that government will fulfil the
promises it made to them during campaigns and called on them to work
with government in developing the country.

The Minister later donated a full set of Music instruments and a
Public Address System worth KR25 000 and pledged to continue
responding to the needs of the Church to ensure that people continue
worshiping God through music.