Mulongoti ready for PF, forms his political party People’s Party (PP).

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

Former works and supply Minister in the MMD regime Mike Mulongoti has formed his political party  People’s Party (PP).

Mulongoti disclosd this when he featured on todays  Let People Talk programme on Radio Phoenix,  owned. He said he was hopeful that other opposition parties will welcome his party and work together to liberate Zambia.

The former Minister says PP will offer a strong effective opposition to the OFFER

He also explained that unlike other existing parties the PP will be owned and controlled by the people and not the usual arrangement where an individual or people with money or prominent in society owns the party.

Mulongoti is the interim president and no prominent names so far have been disclosed though he says there are many people of which some prominent names will not come out now. He says its time for the opposition to work together and give effective checks and balances to the ruling PF.

Contributing on the same programme, a prominent caller by the name of Konoso congratulated and welcomed Mulongoti for joining other existing opposition parties. Kononso however cautioned Mulongoti that he was joining what he called ‘bloodbath’ political life under the brutal regime of President Michael Sata and the PF.

He said the political situation in Zambia currently was hash and wondered whether Mulongoti was really ready because he will be bruised. Kononso cited the Kabwata UPND rally where hired thugs with pangas attacked UPND in the presence of the Police.

In response Mulongoti said he had taken alot of time to reflect on the move saying he was ready to die to correct the political situation going on in Zambia where democracy and freedom of speech and assembly is under threat by the current regime.

And a Lusaka resident Proud Siachiba has welcome PP saying Zambia currently need many political parties to offer serious checks and balances since the Civil society is ‘dead.’ He said Mulongoti will add to the two strong already existing parties – UPND and MMD.

“We welcome Mr. Mulongoti and his party because that is what we want now so that the PF will now have to think of attacking three parties because these are others drink tea with them,” said Siachiba.

Siachiba observed that strong opposition parties are needed now and it will be  up to the people of Zambia to elect one from among them. He regrets that the Civil society had been silenced and the only option are the opposition.