Mohan co-accused sentenced

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Former Court Interpreter Maxwell  Matenga  Jiki has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour in a case in which he was jointly charged with Matthews Mohan and Mary Gibbons for corruption.

Lusaka High Court Deputy Director of Court Operations Chilombo Phiri sentenced Jiki to five years imprisonment in the first count , three years in count two and three years in count three.

She said the sentences will run concurrently effective from today February 26, 2013.

And in mitigation Jiki said he was married with two children and that his wife is expecting therefore sending him to prison was going to make his family suffer.

He further said he had been dismissed from his work and has lost his pension adding that a harsh sentence will subject his family to hardships.

“I am asking for leniency since I lost my job five years down the lane, I do not have anything to do,” he said.

In the first count Jiki was jointly charged with Mohan and Gibbons for corrupt practices after they offered KR10, 000 to Manda, a public officer.

In the second count, the trio allegedly conspired to obtain and destroy exhibits from a prosecution docket.

Jiki is in the third count charged with being in unlawful possession of US$300 counterfeit notes.


Jiki told ZANIS in an interview shortly after the sentencing that he would appeal to the High Court.