PF official killed in Livingstone by-elections campaigns

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Government has condemned in the strongest terms the killing of a Patriotic Front (PF) official in the Livingstone Central Parliamentary by-elections campaigns.

Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni warned that those behind the brutal and barbaric act would not escape the wrath of the law.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today Mr. Sakeni noted that the killing bears the hallmarks of the Mapatizya formula, the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) self – confessed formula for violence and brutality during an election.

The Chief Government Spokesperson who is also Information and Broadcasting Services said UPND Livingstone Central by-elections Campaign Manager Garry Nkombo is himself on record as saying that his party would use the Mapatizya formula in the Livingstone by-elections.

Mr. Sakeni noted that the party therefore bears full responsibility for the killing of the PF official pointing out that the cowardly and uncivilised act would not go unpunished.

He stated that government has a duty to protect its citizens and will not allow frustrated and desperate political elements to disregard the law with impunity.

Mr. Sakeni stressed that the incident also brings out the fact that the opposition UPND has no agenda for the people of Livingstone, let alone the people of Zambia in terms of development.

He further added that all that the UPND knows is violence, regionalism and tribalism as espoused in its so-called Mapatizya formula.

Mr. Sakeni called upon on all peace loving Zambians to reject this outdated and old fashion type of politics from the UPND.

He noted that elections should be about competition in ideas for development and not a platform to orchestrate tribal and regional dominance.