UNZA launches 5 year strategic plan

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–The University of Zambia (UNZA) has launched an ambitious 5 year strategic plan whose implementation budget is estimated at KR 3.6 billion and is aimed at positioning the institution in contributing to both academic and national development.

And Government has implored UNZA and other tertiary institutions to help in the transformation of the public sector in line with the PF manifesto in a bid to deliver quality services to Zambians.

Speaking at the launch, UNZA Vice Chancellor Stephen Simukanga said the five year plan will focus on building on the successes of the previous plan by transforming challenges posed by an emerging competitive era.

Professor Simukanga explained that the plan would strategically poised UNZA for the provision of quality higher education and consultancy services to the needs of the country’s developmental agenda.

He further explained that the funding for the plan will come from both internal and external sources such as tuition fees, consultancy fees and other business ventures.

Professor Simukanga pointed out that UNZA is also forging viable and profitable joint ventures with both public and private sector under the Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a source of alternative funding.

And speaking at the same function, Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Deputy Minister Nevelyn Wilombe bemoaned the poor work culture among Zambians.

Professor Willombe said Zambia has remained underdeveloped compared to countries that were far less developed than Zambia in 1964 because of poor work culture among Zambians.

He commended UNZA management and Senate for formulating a 5 strategic plan in line with the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP) and the Vision 2030 that are aimed at making Zambia a middle income country.