President Sata sees leadership potential in women – Atanga

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—–Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga says President Michael Sata has appointed more women to decision making positions in his Government because he believes in their potential to deliver.


Mrs Atanga said the President acknowledges the important role that women play in contributing to the social and economic development of the country and will, therefore, continue appointing more women to serve in his administration.


She said the President has a lot of respect for women and cherishes their contribution in taking care of families and in growing the country’s economy.


The PF Deputy Secretary General said this at a rally in Chibombo district in Central Province to drum up support for PF candidate, Robby Malindima, ahead of the Chibombo local government by election slated for February 28.


Mrs Atanga urged the electorate in Chibombo to vote for the PF candidate in the ward by election, saying he was the best person to deliver development to the people in the area.


She also cautioned the voters against engaging in tribal politics, adding that tribe should not be an issue when negotiating for leadership.


She also called on Zambians to support the Government of the day, saying President Sata has shown that his administration has the interest of people at heart through the implementation of projects that impact positively on people’s lives.


And Mrs Atanga said it is a shame that former President Rupiah Banda had to use his lawyer, Robert Amsterdam, to insult the people of Zambia.


She said Zambians are not idiots and will demonstrate that by lifting the former President’s immunity.


Mrs Atanga wondered how the former Head of State would have the courage to insult the Zambian people whom he presided over when he served as Republican President.


Meanwhile, PF Chibombo District Chairperson, Barnabas Musopelo, disclosed that the PF Government will commence the construction of the Landless Corner/Mumbwa road in two weeks time.


Mr Musopelo said the contractor will move on site in two weeks time and works are expected to commence soon.


He said the previous contractor, who only managed to do 60 kilometres of the road, should be answerable to the people of Zambia for the money they stole.


Mr Musopelo also said government, through the District Commissioner’s office in Chibombo, will also distribute 1000 tents and chlorine to people that have been displaced by floods.


He said a lot of people in the district have been affected by floods and government was determined to provide the necessary support to the affected people.


And PF Member of the Central Committee, John Chisanga, said urged the people of Chibombo to give President Sata people he can work with in order to develop Chibombo District and the country as a whole.


Mr Chisanga said President Sata has a lot of developmental programmes that he wants to achieve and hence need the support of well meaning Zambians to achieve this goal.