Central Province Traditional leaders welcome Monde’s appointment

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The Traditional Leadership in Itezhi Tezhi district in Central Province has welcomed the appointment of Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde as Deputy Minister of Agriculture by President Michael Sata.

And the Traditional Leaders have since vowed to support Mr. Monde should the United Party for National Development (UPND) decide to expel him.

Chief Kaingu of the Ila people said President’s Sata appointment of the Itezhi Tezhi legislator to his Government is welcome as it will help bring development to the area.

The Traditional Leader told journalists in Itezhi Tezhi yesterday that it was only through working closely with Government that opposition MPs will be able to develop their areas as it was Government that had the resources to sponsor the implementation of developmental projects.

He said people want development regardless of what party is in power hence the need for people to look at things beyond partisan politics.

The Traditional Leader urged the Itezhi Tezhi MP to use his current position to ensure development is brought to the people in the area.

And Chief Kaingu has urged the public to ensure certain contentious clauses are worked on in the constitution to avoid bickering.

The Traditional Leader said it was sad to note that certain quarters of society will always cry foul when the President exercises powers vested in him in the constitution of the land to appoint members of the opposition to his Government.

And Chief Shimbizhi of the Ila People said there was nothing wrong in the President appointing anyone he sees fit to be Minister in his Government.

Chief Shimbizhi said the opposition should not be fighting Government but should instead sit down with it to chart the way forward.

He said what was important was to deliver services to the people in the country; saying unnecessary fighting should be avoided.

The Traditional leader said if the UPND want to suspend Mr. Monde for accepting a ministerial post in the PF Government, they need to have clear charges that they will level against him.

He said Mr. Monde is still a UPND MP despite accepting to work with Government and the issue of expelling him should not surface.

Chief Shimbizhi said it was not a bad idea for opposition MPs to work closely with Government as development will only be attained if all people in the country put their heads together of the good of mother Zambia.

Meanwhile, seven Headmen in Itezhi Tezhi district have thanked President Sata for appointing Mr. Monde as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Speaking on behalf of the other headmen, Senior Headman Kaula said the appointing of Mr. Monde will bring the much needed development in the area.

Headman Kaula also appealed to Government to deliver relief food to the area, saying a serious hunger situation is looming as their farm fields have been flooded due to heavy rains.