PF youths say Livingstone needs Lawrence for development

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–Patriotic Front Deputy National Youth Coordinator, Kennedy Kamba, says the United Party for National Development (UNDP) was just wasting its time and resources in Livingstone by-election because they people want a candidate who will bring meaningful development.

Mr Kamba said the party was assured of victory because it had the capacity to bring meaningful development to Livingstone through its sound policies.

In a press release made available to ZANIS in Livingstone today, Mr Kamba noted that people in Livingstone have suffered for too long at the hands of UNPD councillors and Members of Parliament who have lamentably failed to deliver any development to the tourist capital.

He also warned that any desperate suspicious manoeuvres by the UPND or other opposition political parties to win the elections will not be tolerated by the PF youths.

“We want to put it on record that as PF youths we are prepared to protect our votes from anyone who will attempt to tamper with the votes or bring violence in a bid to win the elections,” said Mr. Kamba.

“And even if the UPND goes ahead with their ‘stone age’ campaign strategies they are just wasting their time and resources because the people of Livingstone want someone like PF candidate, Evans Lawrence, who can bring meaningful development,” Mr Kamba said.

He also encouraged PF youths and the campaign team not to relent but double their efforts in their campaign activities in order to win the elections by a wide margin.

But UPND campaign Manager, Garry Nkombo, said the PF can give people all sorts of items but that people of Livingstone cannot be taken for fools.

He said the UPND was not using any desperate measures like distribution of items to voters and was focusing its attention on engaging electorate on issues based campaigns.