Authorities close flooded schools in Mumbwa

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——Two schools in Mumbwa district where yesterday closed by the district health team following floods which have hit most parts of the district.

Mumbwa District Commissioner, Sunday Shamabanse, named the two schools as Naluvwi Basic School and Namunde Primary school.

Speaking to ZANIS in a telephone interview, Mr Shamabanse said the affected schools have been closed by the district health team following the rising water levels in the area which have seen the flooding of the school toilets leaving pupils and teachers with no room to answer the call of nature.

The District Commissioner said pupils in the affected schools will only report back to schools once the water levels subside.

Mr Shamabanse, who expressed worry at the learning curriculum, said it is sad that pupils will not have to close schools at the same time as projected by the national school calendar as they will have to catch up with the syllabus.

He said the district education board and the health team have on many occasions tried to dig up new toilets but that such effort has not produced any positive results as the toilets  also get flooded when water levels rise.

He further told ZANIS that his office will this week hold a meeting with the world vision who expressed interest in helping flood victims and see how the two schools can also be helped.