NAREP accuses Mpongwe police of unprofessional conduct


The opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) has accused police in Mpongwe district of being unprofessional in the manner it is treating opposition political parties.

NAREP National Secretary Mike Muyawala said police have exhibited unprofessionalism in the manner they have been dealing with opposition political parties that are participating in the Mpongwe parliamentary by-election.

Mr. Muyawala charged that the police have allegedly been partisan in the manner they arrested NAREP aspiring candidate for the Mpongwe parliamentary by-elections slated for February 28.

Mr. Muyawala told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that it was unfortunate that Mr. Reagan Ndhlovu was arrested when he went to the police station to make a complaint.

He said NAREP was disappointed with the police’s conduct because Mr. Ndhlovu went to the police station to launch a complaint over electoral malpractices involving suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who were allegedly found removing his posters.

Mr. Muyawala claimed that there was political influence behind the arrest of the NAREP candidate which he said was aimed at frustrating the opposition.

He however expressed confidence that the party was still strong and would win the Mpongwe parliamentary seat.

And Mr. Muyawala has accused some sections of the media of being biased in their reporting saying the media wrongly misrepresented facts in the arrest of Mr. Ndhlovu yesterday.

Mr. Ndhlovu was arrested for allegedly slapping a Patriotic Front cadre.

He said it was a shame that some media institutions in the country have failed to live up to their responsibility of practising fair and objective reporting.

Mr. Muyawala wondered why some sections of the media did not wait to get an authentic account of what transpired but rushed to publish what he termed as falsehoods.

But Copperbelt Police Chief, Mary Tembo said Mr. Ndhlovu was arrested by for alleged disorderly conduct.

Ms. Tembo told ZANIS in Lusaka today that police arrested Mr. Ndhlovu at the police station because he became violent and disorderly.

She explained that the NAREP candidate tried to attack a suspected PF cadre.

She said Mr. Ndhlovu has since been charged for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace and that he will appear in court soon.