BoZ urged to set up mobile currency exchange camps


A parliamentarian has called on the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) to visit villages and set up mobile camps where people can exchange the old currency with the rebased Kwacha notes.


Kanchibiya Member of Parliament (MP) Davies Mwango said some people in his constituency, especially the aged, still find the new notes confusing.


Mr. Mwango told ZANIS in an interview that people who live in areas where there are no banks have been unable to exchange the old currency with the new notes thereby making the circulation of the rebased Kwacha low.


The Patriotic Front (PF) MP said it was important for all Zambians to have access to the rebased currency as it was the only way they can familiarise themselves with it.


Mr. Mwango, who had been to his constituency to sensitise his constituents, said some people still confuse the value of the notes and coins.


He has since called on his colleagues to actively sensitise people especially in rural areas on the rebased currency.


Mr. Mwango said old people and some youth in remote areas of his constituency keep their money at home and not in banks.


He said this was the reason why they have no opportunity to exchange the old ones with the new currency.


He said BoZ should set up mobile points where people can exchange the currency as it was the only way to effectively phase out the old currency.