Govt. worried about continued theft of drugs from hospitals

Christopher Mulenga -Source muvitv.jpg

Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga has urged workers at Senanga District Hospital to stop the alleged theft of medicines from the institution.

 Mr. Mulenga said it was sad that the theft of medicines and medical equipment has continued in the country despite government spending huge sums of money in procuring drugs for the hospitals.

 He said theft of medicines by the medical personnel was a serious offence which government will not tolerate.

 Mr. Mulenga said this in Senanga yesterday where he was checking on Senanga District Hospital infrastructure and pharmaceuticals.

He said every year, government budgets for medicines and all necessities for health institutions but shortages persist.

 He said government will come up with a system of branding its drugs and surgical equipment to curb crime of such nature.

 And Senanga District Medical Department Technician Mwamunyima Mubu said officers in the district were faced with a number of challenges that needed immediate attention.

Mr. Mubu said medical officers in some areas have no communication means, a situation that has affected operations in the district.

 He however called on government to procure radio transverses so that people can be effectively serviced around the country.

 He added that because of the bad terrain in the district, transport was constantly a challenge.

 Mr. Mubu said in some areas, medical officers were forced to cover about 50 kilometres to reach patients on foot as they have no transport.