Athletes selection riddled with corruption – Tembo

Youth Sports - PX Source
Chawama Youth Sports Academy Executive Coordinator Andrew Tembo says the selection of athletes in different sport disciplines in the country is riddled with corruption and nepotism.

Tembo says that there are many instances eligible athletes are denied an opportunity to participate because of biasness in the selection process.

ZANIS sports reports that Tembo said this during the Academy’s Paper Presentation to the Parliamentary Sub Committee on Youth and Sport at Parliament buildings in Lusaka today.

He further noted that there is need to ensure proper selection of athletes, competitions at district, provincial and national levels.

Tembo stated that this should be organized to ensure that the majority are given an opportunity to prove themselves.

He stressed that for athletes who have been sent to represent the country at international competitions twice and have not yielded results should not be repeatedly adopted.

Meanwhile, Tembo says most sports facilities,  that have been converted into structures,  were obtained without consultations of different stakeholders.

He added that in most cases the facilities, he could not point at, were dubiously established.

The Academy Executive Director pointed out that therefore such structures should be reclaimed and restored by all means possible.

Tembo said government should also pass a law that would safeguard existing sporting space in communities.

He added that this will prevent encroachment in sports grounds and reservation of space in every developing area.

And Tembo called upon government to develop a sport development training programme for various sports disciplines.

He further said administrators and coaches from communities need training to be exposed to different skills aimed at developing their capacity.

Tembo mentioned that this shall enhance the quality of service delivery at grassroots level and improve sport in the country.