Two Deputy Ministers and RTSA Officers in joint road patrol


Hundreds of passengers and soccer fans were this morning stranded for over an hour at landless corner in Chisamba district of Central province when buses were impounded for various traffic offences.

A joint operation conducted by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), Government Transport Control Unit and the Zambia Police traffic department impounded vehicles mostly buses carrying school going children and soccer fans who were rushing to Ndola to watch Zambia Vs Norway game.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Panji Kaunda and his counterpart Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo were among the team of officers who conducted an inspection and impounded and charged drivers with unfit vehicles.

The stranded soccer fans and passengers complained after they were delayed for over an hour as some buses were not only charged but also compelled to change tyres and repair their vehicles before they were released.

Offices from the joint team also tested drivers most of whom were found drunk.

The operation started at Kabangwe and later moved to landless corner were a driver of a Rosa bus travelling from Kabwe to Lusaka tempted to corrupt Home Affairs Deputy Minister Steven Kampyongo.

The driver of the bus was impounded for not having a first aid kit and in the process he asked the minister whom he mistook for a traffic officer to agree to a deal so that he would be released without the knowledge of others, but the minister instead called other traffic officers to charge him for trying to bribe a government officer.

He was charged KR180 for the traffic offence and strongly warned against engaging in any form of corruption.

The joint operation has since processed to Kabwe to Manyumbe area in Kapiri Mposhi district.

The operation is meant to eliminate unfit vehicles and drivers from the road in order to avoid road traffic accidents especially during weekends and holidays.