‘State to encourage establishment of private game ranches’

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GOVERNMENT says it will continue to encourage the establishment of private game ranches in the country as a measure to create wealth and employment.

Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo also says Government is in the process of introducing policies which will promote the wildlife sector.
Ms Masebo said the ministry is currently reviewing the wildlife policy to improve wildlife management.
Ms Masebo was speaking when she toured Kyindu Game Ranch in Chongwe on Thursday.
“One of the things that Government intends to encourage is the establishment of private game ranches countrywide, because this is an area which can create employment and generate wealth in the country.
“At the moment, the ministry is reviewing all the various pieces of policies under our charge, in particular, the wildlife policy on how to manage various species in the country…we want to manage this sector in the manner that we can grow it and increase the number of  tourists coming into Zambia, ”she said.
Ms Masebo said the wildlife sector in Zambia has the potential to attract tourists if properly developed, adding that there is need to jealousy preserve unique species to boost the sector.
She said Government is keen to partner with local and foreign investors in the wildlife sector to foster economic growth.
“We need to compete with other countries in terms of attracting tourists by ensuring that the unique species like the sables are jealously protected… when you have something that is unique and valuable, it will only make sense that we preserve it jealously so that tourists will have all the reasons to come to Zambia,” she said.
Meanwhile, Kyindu Game Ranch managing director Carl Irwin said his management will continue to work closely with Government and the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to the benefit of the country.
Mr Irwin said plans are underway to provide proper facilities at the game ranch to promote wildlife management.
“We will make sure that we work closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, including ZAWA in a positive way which will be beneficial to the country,” he said.
Kyindu Game Ranch has approximately 1,100 wildlife species such as zebras, impalas, sables, and a lion among other animals.