Chilufya Tayali to stand for Lusaka Mayor

Chilufya Tayali - Executive Director at The Zambian Voice (ZV)
Chilufya Tayali - Executive Director at The Zambian Voice (ZV)

In what seems like a joke, Economic Equity Party president, Chilufya Tayali has affirmed his resolve to run for the position of Lusaka Mayor.

This comes in the wake of the demise of the Mayor, Wilson Kalumba who died last week.

Tayali tells Byta FM News that his decision has been inspired by the need to serve the people of Zambia at any given position.

The EEP leader says this move will also allow him to show what type of leadership he brings to Zambian politics.

He adds that it will also be an opportunity to learn more about service to people, ahead of the 2021 General election, reiterating that he will continue to offer checks and balances.
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  1. Chilufya Tayali is not suited for the job in my opinion. Reasons include the fact that he is not an accurate thinker. In order for one to be an accurate thinker, one first has to have the ability to decipher fact from fiction. Secondly, he has to be able to rule relevant facts from irrelevant facts. In his career (unfortunately as a journalist) he has time and time again proven to the Zambian public that he cannot report facts. He is always in a rush to tell a story which is ‘juicy’ to him while completely disregarding the truth behind it. This was the case with his Hon. Lubinda’s fraud story, Hakainde Hichilema’s free mason story and Edgar lungu’s heritage story. The man wrote full article’s with no solid evidence! He is an example of how poor journalism is in Zambia. The guy wouldn’t last in a serious journalism environment, why should he even be considered as a potential mayor?