Pilato granted cash bail

Police arrest Pilato, Laura Miti

Musician Chama Fumba, also known as Pilato, has been granted a K30,000 cash bail in his own recognizance with two traceable working sureties from reputable institutions atbmanageriaql level.

This is a matter in which Fumba and five others are charged with one count of disobeying lawful orders, following their protest at Parliament against government’s decision to procure 42 fire engines at a total cost of US$42 million.

When the matter came up last week for plea before Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile, Fumba who had missed court since January this year had his Police bond revoked.

He however, told the court that he left the country because his life was under threat, as he continuously received threats in form of whatsapp videos, messages and phone calls.

He then applied that his bond be restored on grounds that he did not deliberately stay away from the institutions of justice, but that his life was under threat which he even reported to the police before he left the country.

And when the matter came up for ruling on his application, Magistrate Mikalile said she had considered the accused’s explanation and had taken time to preview the video evidence he presented and established that it was undoubtedly true that he was being threatened.

She expressed disappointment with the fact that police did not take any action when the accused reported that he was being threatened

Magistrate Mikalile said police should have conducted themselves professionally and protect the accused because that is their mandate.

She ruled that since the accused was innocent until proven guilty, he could not deny him bail.

Magistrate Mikalile,however, informed Fumba that he could not enjoy police bond conditions as his co-accused because he had wasted the court’s time when he left the country.

The matter comes up on the 25th June 2018 for commencement of trial.

Meanwhile UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, who was at court offer solidarity to the accused, described the court ruling as fair.