Lungu abused presidential pardons in the case of General Kanene-HH


Hichilema accused President Lungu of using the presidential pardon as a tool of corruption.
Hichilema says UPND members are now receiving death threats from the PF and are forced to join their party.

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Hichilema claims it is clear that presidential pardons are applied in a corrupt manner.
Hichilema says any prisoner willing to join, and support the Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu is pardoned saying this is an abuse of presidential pardons.


He says this pardoning of prisoners on corruption grounds will lead to increased crime in the country.
Hichilema, who has often attacked and called Post Newspaper Editor Fred Mmembe defended the cartel leader who was arrested with his reporter Mukosha Funga.
The UPND leader has proven to be without principles, and said

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M’membe’s arrest was because he was simply simply exposing corruption.
Hichilema says he will not be intimidated by the cadres harassing him, but will continue to fight for the people of Zambia.


Meanwhile, Hichilema claims UPND members are now receiving death threats from the PF stating that their Chawama candidate is one who has received death threats if he does not join the ruling PF.
He has reiterated that the country lacks leadership which is why it is going through difficult times.

Hichilema states that Zambians deserves better which the PF cannot offer stressing that the PF went in government for their own benefits.

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  1. Sometimes just will prevail either ways.General Kanene’s arrest to me was ifwa yalufwengo!!!!

  2. nonsense…..why politicizing everything……but,if kanene wants to die let him come close to my daughter……ine boyi u wont prison,u wil see the morgue….and lungu wont bell u out…..