Operation Kalu’s 3rd Term: Jerabos to Intimidate, Disrupt 2016 AGM

Kalushi Bwalya-FAZ President

Zambia’s football association head Kalusha Bwalya is allegedly planning to invite the notorious Copperbelt gang infamously known as Jerabos to cause chaos at next year’s annual general meeting in Kitwe.


Sources close to FAZ have disclosed that FAZ Secretary General George Kasengele will announce the venue of the elective meeting as Moba Hotel situated on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway.


Zambia Reports has consistently reported Kalusha was seeking a life mandate as FAZ president although earlier attempts to tamper with the constitution were thwarted. His bid to become life president starts with a push for a third term which will translates into four terms at Football House if he succeeds. Kalusha was vice-president for FAZ from 2004 to 2008.



“I said it and all the people who know me know that it will be my last term. I believe in three terms maximum for a chairman of FA,” Bwalya said last week when his twitter followers took him to task.


“I was with Zambia as player from 1982 till year 2000. I would like to do one more term as chairman of FA. Finish.”
Sources say Kalusha is facing strong competition from Lusaka businessman Andrew Kamanga for the top post. Also in the race for the presidency are the likes of former executive committee member Henschel Chitembeya.


Sources say Kalusha is determined to retain the FAZ presidency by hook or crook and one of the ways, among the many schemes, is to disqualify Kamanga on grounds he has not met the five year requirement of club management.
“Those Jerabos like Kalusha because, of course, he is one of the best players and was popular as a player, so he wants to use them to come to the AGM, and intimidate councillors,” a source said.


The Jerabos are known lawless thugs feared including by police officers on the Copperbelt and Kalusha, according to sources, wants to use them to create an atmosphere that favours his third term.
“It’s like a matter of life or death for Kalusha. No one knows why he can’t say ‘well, I have done my two terms, I’m leaving.’. Kalusha and his friends are doing everything they can to secure a third term, but they are very unpopular among councillors,” a source said.


Kalusha has also instructed “official with portfolio” Erick Mwanza to identify specific club administrators that will be tasked to vote at the AGM for possible cash rewards.
“There are two options; one, is to pay club secretaries or chairpersons so that they can vote for Kalusha, two; is to ensure there is a backup of pre-marked ballots,” the source said.
The insider said those seeking to challenge Kalusha must be ready to face a hostile environment devoid of a level playing field.



  1. Invite Kalusha Bwalya to compete with Walter Nyamilandu for Football Association Of Malawi Presidence. We are a very open democratic association coz we feel like Malawi and Zambia is one country. We should not be disturbed by the imaginal borders imposed on us by colonisers. If Malawi and Zambia can be one state, we can achieve alot.

  2. Let Kalu step aside bcoz he has made the performance of this so called”Chipolopolo squad”to go down bcoz his bribes…nicekeleko.

  3. Is he imposing himself ? Or people do vote like it has been ? When you lose you lose , nothing more nothing less. So spare us your louse story !