Missing Person : Wezi Mhone’s sister, Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone is missing

Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone
Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone

LATEST UPDATE June 7th, 2015:

 Wezi Mhone’s sister, Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone who was missing has been found. Her family would like to thank you for providing the useful information.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE  June 6th,2015:

Wezi Mhone’s sister, 21 year old Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone is missing.

Wezi Mhone needs your help with publicity as they search for her. They have reported the case to Central Police.

If you spotShelter Emely Tinashe Mhone please call contact the nearest  police station.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Missing People to [email protected] or call+260 97 3318680‬ we shall not review your details


Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone
Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone

Full Names: Shelter Emely Tinashe Mhone
Age: 21years old
Last time heard from her, 3Days ago Via Bianca’s line




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Victoria Wezi Mhone
Victoria Wezi Mhone


  1. Imwe nomba the same bianca eve is suspect??????some of us want to hear bout this bianca she would know better

  2. she is not missing,its either the her parents where against the relationship with her boyfriend nd decided to kunsha herself to him or they her nd him just decided the run away coz of opposition.lastly she is just having good time in a guest house with a rich bug sexing nd banqueting.

    • My thoughts too. Someone’s life could be in danger or even lost and hear are grown people acting not only irresponsible but childish. What’s there to joke about such a thing? Has Facebook taken away sense of reason that people just comment without a thought?

  3. whos Wezi Mhone?and is it necessary to say Wezi Mhone?why not just say missing person and mention her name,its not like she goes around introducing herself as im Wezi Mhones sister.weird!