Lusaka Wife drags husband’s lover to the Court



A 32-YEAR-OLD woman of Emmasdale has dragged her husband’s lover to the boma Local Court for insulting and calling her a prostitute.
Jane Mwale told the court that her husband’s lover Sharon Kazembe has also been mocking her and boasting that she will be the one to take care of Mwale’s children once her lover marries her.


“Kazembe told me that my children will be hers soon and when I told her that she has no mercy, she laughed at me arguing that the devil has no mercy,” Mwale said.
This was heard before Principal Presiding Magistrate Mable Mwaba in a case in which Mwale sued Kazembe, 28, of Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI) for defamation of character. Mwale was claiming compensation.
Mwale further said she knew Kazembe through the text messages she was sending to her husband’s mobile phone.
“We had serious marital problems when Kazembe was sending text messages to my husband. In one of the messages, she was asking my husband to leave me if he had caught me committing adultery,” she said.
Mwale complained that Kazembe has since ordered her husband to stop supporting his family financially and materially.
“I asked Kazembe why she goes out with my husband whom I have been married to for 20 years but she told me that she has heard a lot about me and that she knows about the problems I have been facing with my husband,” she said
And in her statement, Kazembe denied ever calling Mwale a prostitute or insulting her.
“She is the one who called me a witch, a prostitute, a dog and a barren woman when she approached me,” she said.
And when the court asked her what relationship she has with Mwale’s husband, Kazembe said the man just goes to her house to fix her bulbs.
The matter was adjourned for judgment.


Zambia Daily Mail