Man (60) admits taking wife’s nude pictures and showed them to his girlfriend.


A SIXTY-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka’s Lilanda township has shocked a fully-packed Matero local court after admitting that he took nude pictures of his 58-year-old wife and showed them to his girlfriend.
Ndombe Kilifaya confessed before the court that he had been trying to take nude pictures of his wife Elina Chikamo as part of fun although he had faced resistance from her.
This was in a case where Chikamo sued Kalifaya for reconciliation after persistent differences in their home that had arisen after the defendant showed his girlfriend nude pictures of his wife.
The couple has been in marriage for 40 years but problems started in 2012 when Kilifaya allegedly found himself a new girlfriend whom he shared his wife’s naked pictures with.
He told the court that he took the pictures without his wife’s consent because she used to refuse whenever he told her that he wanted to get nude pictures of her.
Kilifaya said wrangles between him and his wife started when she discovered he had secretly married another woman.
He told the court that according to his tradition, a woman was never consulted when her husband wanted to marry another wife.
Kilifaya added that he married two wives because he wanted them to help each other with work on the farm.
“If she decides to leave me, I will stay with the other woman and marry another one to make them two,” he said.
Chikamo submitted that she initially found naked pictures of her husband’s girlfriend in his phone.
“When I called the girlfriend to confront her about the pictures, she told me that she had also seen my naked pictures in his phone,” she said.
She said that her husband had also been refusing to make love to her but preferred to watch pictures of his naked girlfriend before going to bed.
“If my husband really wants to stay with his new wife, I will divorce him because I am not willing to share him with another woman,” she said.
But when passing judgment, local court magistrate Petronalla Kalyelye, sitting with Lewis Mumba gave the couple a month to go and think about their actions. If Chikamo would still want divorce, then she should go to court and sue for divorce.

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