Kasumbalesa couple shot by three men armed with knives and a gun

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

THREE men armed with knives and a gun on Saturday night shot a Kasumbalesa couple before getting away with a K4,000.
The incident happened around 21:00 hours at house number A63 in Minestone Township in Kasumbalesa.
The criminals shot Mumbi Katai, 52, in the leg while his wife Emelly Kasongo, 48, was shot in the abdomen.
Both are admitted to Konkola Mine Hospital with Ms Kasongo being in the intensive care unit.
The bullet had since been removed from Ms Kasongo’s intestines.
Narrating the ordeal from his hospital bed when Kasumbalesa District Commissioner Stuart Chitumbo visited him, Mr Katai said they were attacked from their home by three men that were speaking Lingala.
He said the three men, one of them masked, had two knives and a gun and were demanding for money from them.
Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa, who also confirmed the incident, said the assailants are suspected to be Democratic Republic of Congo soldiers, who were dressed in long coats and armed with a fire arm.
Ms Kasosa said the couple heard a knock on the door to their house and when they opened, the assailants stormed in and opened fire.
“They shot the woman in the stomach and the man in the right knee and left them for dead,” she said.
Ms Kasosa said police had launched investigations into the shooting and appealed for calm among Kasumbalesa residents.
“My appeal to residents is to keep calm and allow police to investigate the matter. The residents should not resort to any riots because if they do that, it is their property that may be destroyed and if they have any information, let them cooperate with the police,” she said.