President Hichilema talks death penalty, defamation of the President Act

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema says the government will dedicate 2023 to accelerating development through transparency and stakeholder engagement in all sectors of the economy.

The Head of State indicated that the government will ensure that development in the country is unlocked in the public procurement process.

Speaking when he addressed the media at State House in Lusaka yesterday the President said that the government will ensure that past mistakes of misuse of public resources is corrected by taking measures to address the challenges which cause declines in the economy.

‘’All arms of government such as the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary will be involved in ensuring prudent procurement of government resources. “said President Hichilema added

He stated that in the agriculture sector the government is on the right truck in cleaning up any forms of corrupt activities in the procurement process of fertilizer which has resulted in the securing of 150 million United Stated Dollars.

The President acknowledged that work to curb corruption in the procurement of fertilizer is one of the causes of the delays in the distribution of the commodity to the farmers.

‘’The agenda was to clean up contracts that were meant to take away money from the citizens which can be directed to the improvement of the education sector and keeping the children in school by providing free education to them,’ he said.

The Head of State indicated that in 2023 the government will shift from FISP to other agriculture programs which will help which allow farmers to explore other alternatives.

He further added that the media should be allowed to conduct their duties of informing the public on free and fair environment without any harassment and abuse from anybody.

President Hichilema said that he has engaged the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security to ensure that Journalists are not harassment but are allowed to access information which of the public interest.

The Head of State also disclosed that the government is committed to addressing legal reforms which protects the rights of citizens, such as dropping of the death penalty to protect the right to life.

‘’If the government is afraid to exercise the death penalty then why keep it, it is better to remove it and just sentence the offender to live in imprisonment,’’ he said.

President Hichilema also indicated that other legal reforms to consider are the removal of the defamation of the President Act in order to allow citizens exercise their freedom of expression.

He indicated that the government is committed to receiving the views of the people which will allow the government to operate in a transparent way and work hard in delivering developmental programs.