Zambia Lands Ministry to Deploy Blockchain


[Q FM]

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has announced that his ministry is employing the block chain technology at the ministry of lands to avert the problem of duplicate titles.

Mr. Mutati says there is need to give away the old systems and adopt more efficient technologies to help solve problems the nation is faced with.

He says there is urgent need to adopt a progressive approach through technology using the block chain architecture so as to deliver citizens happiness.

He says the block chain as an architecture guarantees a solution to most problems as it provide an opportunity to check and verify data that can be corrupted.

Mr. Mutati says through the use of block chain government will reduce the cost and increase efficiency as the duplication of work will be eliminated and all the processes will be streamlined.

Speaking when he delivered a key note address at the United Africa block chain association UABA conference held in Lusaka, Mr. Mutati also announced that his ministry is in the process of transforming Zambia postal services into an e-postal service to cope up with the modern service demands.