Kings Malembe-Malembe denies being a shushushu

Kings Mumbi a.k.a Malembe Malembe
Kings Mumbi a.k.a Malembe Malembe

ENOWNED Zambian gospel artist Kings Mumbi aka Kings Malembe-Malembe has dismissed reports that he has been appointed to the security team at State House by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mumbi said it was not true that he was now part of the security team at State House because he was not qualified for the job.

He also clarified that when he performed at PF rallies, he did so not for President Lungu or money but for God.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Mumbi said social media reports claiming that he was part of State House security team were false and aimed at maligning the Head of State.

“You know people should not believe everything they read on social media. President Lungu cannot appoint anyone from the blue without qualifications. He appoints on merit and has never given me a job at State House because I am not qualified to have any job of that nature.

“Those social media reports claiming that I was given a job at State House are false and aimed at denting the image of the President as well as to destroy my character,” he said.

He said people only wanted to portray him as a PF cadre which was far from the truth.

Asked why he had been performing at some PF public rallies and if that was not a partisan stance considering that he was a gospel artist, Mr Mumbi said he did so for God.

“I am not a politician. I am a gospel artist and I don’t sing for money but for God. I am not called to sing to some PF leaders but to all and I will not fear to go anywhere because of this cross.

“I am a disciple of Christ Jesus who he himself was called not for Christians alone but for all, so I will sing at political rallies to minister the word of God,” said Mr Mumbi.

Mr Mumbi said what brought him closer to President Lungu was the Head of State’s love for his music, adding that there was nothing wrong with adding that he had sang before former republican presidents Frederick Chiluba, Michael Sata and Rupiah Banda.

“President Lungu is not only my fan but also my father whom I have known before he became President. He has been supporting me musically since day one because he is a Christian who believes in the gospel music.

“President Lungu loves my song ‘Nimwe Lesa’ and this is the song that drew me closer to him,” Mr Mumbi said.



  1. Liar! akadonki!!No one appointed as a private shushu would agree that indeed is one.If he agrees then he is not fit to be one!!