Attorney General Likando Kalaluka should resign – Musenge

Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General.
Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General.

Kitwe. 02.06.2018.

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka should consider vacating office if it is proved that he indeed misled President Edgar Lungu into signing the dubious STAG Africa deal.

Mr. Kalaluka should resign on his own volition because he allowed President Lungu to breach the Republican constitution.

By signing the controversial 500 million United States dollars deal on account of inadvertent legal advice, President lungu committed treason.

The STAG deal effectively took away President Lungu’s immunity.

As NDC we demand that Mr. Kalaluka should speaks out because politics might be at play.

We feel some disgruntled persons might be deliberately trying to drag the name of the learned counsel into the mud.

The discourse on the STAG Africa deal should not be shelved despite its cancellation.

This is because this deal raises both moral and legal issues.

The deal is clearly wrapped with corruption.

This deal has brought the name of the President into odium.

If Mr. Kalaluka is not offering sound legal advice to the Presidency, public morality demands that he steps aside.

As NDC, we further demand that Mr. Kalaluka should consider producing his written opinion on the STAG deal before he is judged.

The controversial deal has brought the reputation of the office of the Attorney General into disdain.

This is because well meaning citizens now doubt Mr. Kalaluka’s ability to handle his office.

Further, we want State House through the Special Advisor to the President for legal affairs to give their side of the story on this matter.

Was the President counselled by his handlers before signing this deal?

And why did President Lungu rush into signing the STAG deal if the legal intricacies in this matter where unclear?

All these are questions that require immediate answers.

Since President Lungu breached the constitution, we demand that the Law Association of Zambia LAZ gives its professional opinion over the matter.

lAZ should render legal opinion on the implications of President lungu staying in public office since he violated the constitution.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge, Secretary General NDC.