Catholic Church And SDA should lead Dialogue Process.


Kitwe. 23.05.2018.

The National Democratic Congress NDC has been vindicated over its continued stance that the church should spear head the dialogue process in the country.

As NDC, we therefore demand for the immediate disbandment of the Zambia Centre For Inter Party Dialogue ZCID.

It is clear that the ZCID is not only impotent but lacks credibility and cannot be trusted by stakeholders including state house.

We welcome pronouncements by state house that the church should be integrated in leading the dialogue process.

As NDC, we are elated that those in authority have finally realized that the ZCID lacks relevance and credence.

We view the ZCID as an appendage of the ruling pf.

The composition and capacity of the ZCID board is highly questionable.

The ZCID has failed to represent the needs and aspirations of the Zambian people.

As NDC, we further propose that the Catholic church through the Zambia Council For Catholic Bishops ZCCB and Seventh Day Adventist Church SDA should steer this process.

We further want to promulgate that compromised church mother bodies should be left out in this entire process to heal the nation.

The Catholic church and SDA in our view has a long and credible history on their involvement in conflict resolution not only across the African continent but globally.

The Catholic church and SDA have also taken a neutral stance over varying political issues.

The NDC is however quick to point out that genuine church mother bodies willing to be part of the dialogue process should come out openly and declare their interests.

The nation is divided and highly polarized and needs dialogue urgently.

The need for dialogue should not be undermined.

As NDC we demand that all contentious issues surrounding the electoral process should be resolved now before the 2021 general polls.

The NDC further demands that the Public Order Act POA, a colonial piece of legislation, should be top on the agenda as the church prepares to take up the task to superintend over the dialogue process.

The issue of bias coverage by public media institutions should be addressed as a matter of urgency.

We further demand that the church be given the mandate immediately to engage political stakeholders on the way forward regarding the dialogue process.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. Secretary Genera NDC.