PF wants to Change law for presidential candidates

HH and Former PF Vice President Guy Scott
HH and Former PF Vice President Guy Scott

The Patriotic Front (PF) has asked Parliament to consider enacting a law that will require a presidential candidate to have been a Member of Parliament (MP).

PF media director Sunday Chanda said politicians first need to grow and understand the country’s political system and the people, before embarking on any presidential ambitions.

Speaking during a PF interactive forum yesterday, Mr Chanda said politicians should endeavour to start from the grassroots and acquire enough knowledge about the people they wish to lead.
“We cannot have people who have never been councillors or MPs to be presidents because they do not have the needed experience or know how to do so.



  1. Out of order. Becoming first the member of MP does not one has gained competence to become a president. Such thinking is shallow. Most of MPs have no heart for Zambia.