Jack Mwiimbu kicked out of the National Assembly


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Deputy Speaker Namugala gives marching orders to MP Mwiimbu as his colleagues walk out of the House

First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala yesterday gave marching orders to UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who refused to obey her point of order to allow the Vice President Inonge Wina who was to propose to the House that it goes Sine Die.

ZANIS reports that the Deputy Speaker gave the marching orders to the Monze Central lawmaker against rising a point of order when Mrs Wina was on the floor prior to announcing the house to go on sine die.

“ As Leader of the opposition, you cannot raise on a point of order when Vice President and Leader of Government Business of August the House is on her feet. Leave the chambers now,” she ordered.

The order made the entire UPND MPs to follow Mr. Mwiimbu, as he haggardly walked the house.

The lawmaker and his UPND parliamentarian demanded that that Standing Orders 21 , 22 and 100 before the House could finalise its business and adjourn sine die.

The Monze Central lawmaker stood against the Vice President as she was about to propose that the house goes on sine die without the named standing orders being tabled in the house.

Mr. Mwiimbu, who is the leader of the opposition, said the House could not adjourn until the three standing orders which about planned impeachment motion against Republican President Edgar Lungu.

However, Mrs. Wina said the motion to suspend the business of the House was non-controversial and wondered why the opposition were opposed when in the past they supported the move.

And Mr. Stephen Kampyongo, who is PF Shiwang’andu lawmaker, said the motion ably moved by Mrs. Wina was important for the House to adjourn so that MPs could visit their constituencies and interact with their electorates on challenges faced.

Mr. Kampyongo, who also Minister of Home Affairs , said MPs should not mislead the public that they could dictate the running of the House as it was guided by rules and regulations.

Later, the Deputy Speaker asked the House whether or not to vote for the motion to which they responded “YES” in the affirmative.

Earlier, Ms. Namugala castigated the Members of Parliament for reporting late to the House, a situation which delayed the commencement and business of the House as a quorum was not formed.

Ms. Namugala expressed displeasure that MPs reported late, a situation which stalled business of the House for about ten minutes.

The Deputy Speaker observed that though the Vice President Inonge Wina was on time to commencing business of the day but that unfortunately MPs were late.

She directed that if 30 minutes elapsed without a quorum being formed, she would be forced to adjourn Parliament.

“If 30 minutes elapsed without a quorum being formed, then l will be forced to adjourn Parliament,” Ms. Namugala sounded.

She also directed Chief Whip Stephen Chungu and leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu to see her during break time (tea break) because of what had transpired.

The Deputy Speaker urged members of the House to be prompt as electorates who sent them to the House expected them to ably represent their needs.

But just before the 30-minutes ultimatum elapsed, the parliamentarians were seen walking into the House and Ms. Namugala gave a go ahead to Ms. Wina to move a motion according to the schedule on the order paper. Chikuni Community Radio Station