We hope you are enjoying the Easter.

It is with utter shock and disbelief that we wish to let you know that the State has refused us to visit our brother Dr. Nevers Mumba who is being held at Mwembeshi Prison in Central province.

With our party vice president Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and several other senior officials, we arrived at Mwembeshi prison around 12:00 hours and we were made to stand in the rains for close to two hours before being told that we cannot see Dr. Mumba.

This is not the independence our forefathers fought for and indeed we cannot continue with this as a Nation. Dr. Mumba has the right to be visited. We also have the right to visit our brother. We are commemorating Easter and it is time for all of us to show brotherly love to everyone.

For now, we wish Dr. Nevers Mumba God’s protection and to you our people out there, we say stay strong and keep Dr. Mumba in your prayers.

Blessed afternoon.



    • Same here @ Chuck, “REFUSED” as used in the title defines action taken by HH and not those who did not allow him to visit with Mumba. The word “refused” could have been simply substituted with words as “STOPPED, NOT ALLOWED, DENIED PASS, BARRED, PREVENTED.” Anyway depends where the editor was schooled.

  1. Only dull chaps like GBM,Mumbai,nslumango who can’t see the underpants of upnd all they see is smile on hh with nice promises that man will make your families cry one day.
    Indicators 1-hh appointed a Tonga to act has president of party when he was arrested why?2-all Parliament opposition eg chief weep and other positions are given to Tonga’s only.
    What Lozi’s,lundas,luvales,kaondes etc benefit end all you see is honey.
    This chap you support will disappoint you wait zed this guy will only be stopped by God

  2. Refused or denied? Ichisungu sounds rather confusing. Ati borrow me your pen, instead of lend me your pen.