Government has dismissed reports of NRDC being sold


Government has dismissed reports suggesting that it has sold the National Resources Development College-NRDC.

Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo says the Government has only received an unsolicited bid from AVIC international to develop a Brand new NRDC.

Mr. Katambo says Government is waiting for the details of the proposal from AVIC on the plan of the new college in Shibuyunji.

He says the current NRDC is dilapidated and inadequate to accommodate more than Two Thousand and 20 students and that AVIC have proposed to set up a financial facility.

Mr. Katambohas told Parliament in a Ministerial Statement that the proposed NRDC will have modern infrastructure and accommodate more students.

He adds that the proposed NRDC will offer a conducive learning environment and will be engaged in income generating activities.