ZESCO disconnects Eastern Water and Sewerage Co. for unpaid bills.

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Provincial administration has revealed that some government officials have high unsettled water bills from Eastern Water and Sewerage Company.

Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo however, says that the government officials who have high water bills in the province will have to pay or face prosecution.

Speaking during a cholera update meeting today, Mr. Kasolo says that because of the cholera outbreak in the province, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has not been disconnecting its customers.

He says people owing the most money to the company are government officials who can afford to pay the high bills they have accumulated compared to ordinary citizens with very low water bills.

Mr. Kasolo says because of this, the company’s revenue collection has fallen and they have been unable to pay their electricity bills to ZESCO.

He says that ZESCO yesterday disconnected its electricity supply to Eastern Water and Sewerage Company for failing to pay the bills.

The permanent Secretary says this has meant that the company is now supplying water to its customers in the district using a generator which is very costly.