Hon. Lusambo summons all mining company CEOs

Bowman Chilosha Lusambo
Bowman Chilosha Lusambo

ALL Copperbelt mining company chief executive officers and management officials have been summoned by Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo following the plans to conduct a mine investment audit.
The Association of Mine Suppliers and Contractors (AMSC) president Augustine Mubanga said the mine local suppliers and contractors met with the minister last week and submitted their proposals and that the minister requested to meet mine management officials this week.

Mr Mubanga said the association was yet to submit a report on what was discussed and find a way forward, and that Mr Lusambo requested to have a meeting with mine management officials and permanent secretaries from the ministries of Labour, Mines and Commerce.
He said in an interview that he was happy to note that the minister had taken it seriously to ensure that the local suppliers and contractors were fairly treated and awarded contracts by mining companies.

“Following the meeting, we had with the minister last week, chief executive officers and management officials have also been summoned by Mr Lusambo following the announcement that there will be a mine investment audit. We are yet to present our report after submitting our proposals,” he said.
Mr Mubanga said it was time the mining firms considered investing in the local people who were the beneficiaries.

He said it was important that mining firm management, especially those in charge of human resource, met with the minister and addressed the challenges that the local suppliers and contractors were facing.
Mr Mubanga hoped that the meeting with the mining company management officials and those from the key ministries would be successful and help the local people.
He said the investment in the mines needed to benefit the local people and the investors.
Mr Mubanga said it was unfair that the investors were benefiting and forgetting to empower Zambians who were the sole owners of the mineral resources.