Media freedom suppressed in the name of pursuing crime.

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The Rainbow party in the Copperbelt has expressed saddeness at the continued suppression of the media in the country.

In a statement Rainbow party Copperbelt Province Spokesperson Dennis Kapukulo said his party was deeply saddened in the way the media freedom is being suppressed in the name of pursuing crime.

Mr Kapukulo said the attacks on the media  fraternity has nothing to do with Pershing crime but a direct assault to media freedom in the country.

“This is worrisome because what is happening to media fraternity especially the MAST is nothing to do with pursuing crime but a direct assault to media freedom.

“This action by the PF government is quiet dangerous and it has a great potential to divide the country further at the time we are crying for unity.

“Socialist Rainbow party wants to see greater freedom and openness on the media as opposed to more injustice,more regulations and regimentation,” he said.

He noted that the country’s media houses already have various challenges and that these challenges can not be sorted out by police brutality or tight regulations.

He condemned the acts by government describing the acts as detrimental further calling on stakeholders to come to the rescue of the media.

“Rainbow party knows that media houses have serious problems and challenges already that needs to be sorted out by the PF government. And none of the serious problems and challenges confronting Zambian news media today can be solved by police brutality nor by tightening regulations.

“Unfortunately all these detrimental acts by the pf govt happens in full view of the clergy, the church, NGOs, civil society organisation and other stakeholders but all of them are quiet waiting for 18th October¬† pray day to come and force the injured reconciliation which does not even exist,” he said.

He added “Socialist Rainbow party expects the church especially, to play progressive role in advocating for human rights,speaking against oppression and economic exploitation of the masses as well as advocating for reconciliation whenever need arises not only on 18th October.

“Religious institutions,NGOs,and civil society organisation must be allies for a common cause and be courageous to point out the wrongs pf govt is committing and Rainbow party has not heard anything from from these groups,we only hope that they will rise to occasion and do the needful before it becomes too late for the remedies.”