Edith Nawakwi irks UPND women

Nawakwi with His Honour the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Guy Scott
Nawakwi with His Honour the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Guy Scott

A war of words has erupted between opposition FDD leader Edith Nawakwi and UPND’s National Women Chairperson for Women Namakau Kabwiku.

Ms Kabwiku has angrily reacted to the claims that her Party (UPND) is making it difficult for the PF to govern due to their continued refusal to accept the out come of the 2016 elections.

Ms Kabwiku described the only female candidate in the 2016 elections as an embarrassment to female politicians.

Below is the full statement as issued be the UPND.


It is so sad that a woman running for public office like Edith Nawakwi with all her experience can sink so low and claim that the Patriotic Front(PF) government has failed to govern because UPND has drugged the ruling party to the constitutional court.

With due respect am compelled to start looking for a reason as to why a person who served as finance minister and having a dream to become first woman President for this country can stop thinking and tell the nation that the Patriotic Front Government is failing to govern because UPND has taken them to court.

Mawee(woe) Madam Nawakwi what is behind such thinking, Are you looking for a contract or what? for you to ignore the plight of Zambians and speak on behalf of the ruling party.

Surely Does President Lungu  and his cabinet sit in court everyday or even just once for you to utter such a statement.

Such irresponsible statements are what makes people judge women leaders wrongly in politics.

As a woman you are supposed to be concerned about the high cost of living , inadequate safe and quality drinking water, the tu Dununa reverse worms which have led to most farmers replanting,  issues making life difficult and not the PF government.

Please, Nawakwi,  if you have failed in politics .You are not dull, be a woman we have always appreciated in providing checks and balances for the suffering womenfolk under Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

Madam Nawakwi sure is it UPND court cases that are causing delay in the delivery of farming inputs to farmers ?

declining economy

army Dununa reverse worms

corruption in awarding government contracts

poor drainages

high cost of mealie meal


PF internal wrangles

Malawi maize deal?

Is it UPND which is telling cadres to share land illegally and run bus stations and markets ?

I wish to call upon Edith Nawakwi to grow in politics and ensure FDD grows its numbers than reducing herself to a PF cadre.

UPND is a big party with a direction to drive this country. If Nawakwi is hungry, the door is open for her to ditch FDD and join PF which she now feels can do better that her party if it was not taken to court.

In case Nawakwi is blind to reality, let her ask Chishimba Kambwili and Kelvin Bwalya Fube who Edgar Lungu she is speaking for is.

Deep down Nawakwi knows that PF has no capacity to run the economy and its leadership is the cause of the brutal economy Zambians are facing today.

Lwakupa) we are begging you to be realistic and serve the Zambian people struggling to live a descent life.

issued by

Namakau Kabwiku

UPND  National Chairperson for women