Kambwili gross misconduct case takes off

GBM, KAMBWILI, LUBINDA in SOlwezi. Wynter is gone. Let's celebrate over Katubi & Katata.

HEARING of the disciplinary case involving Patriotic Front (PF) Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili resumed yesterday after the parliamentarian’s witnesses finally managed to travel from Luanshya to Lusaka.
The disciplinary case was deferred last Friday because Dr Kambwili’s witnesses failed to travel to the capital city.
The PF last week slapped Dr Kambwili with charges of gross misconduct and he was expected to explain why the ruling party should not take action against him.
The PF gave him seven days in which to explain why he should not be disciplined for allegedly accusing Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda of being a wizard among other charges.
Dr Kambwili and Mr Chanda were asked to appear before the PF disciplinary committee last Friday for the hearing but only Mr Chanda managed to avail his witnesses.
The matter was adjourned to yesterday 14:00 hours.
There was calm at the PF secretariat, venue of the hearing.
PF disciplinary committee chairperson Ngosa Simbyakula arrived at 13:53 hours followed by other members among them Elfridah Kansembe and Dorothy Kazunga.
Dr Kambwili arrived at 14:00 hours accompanied by his wife, Carol, his sons and witnesses.
He asked where the meeting was taking place and proceeded into the offices.
PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya told journalists shortly before the hearing the disciplinary committee was impartial and that the case was not a witch hunt.
Mr Bwalya said the committee would submit a report to the PF central committee after conclusion of the hearing.
The committee concluded the hearing at around 17:50 hours.
Speaking to journalists shortly after the hearing, a jovial Dr Kambwili described the meeting as good, cordial, interactive and non-acrimonious.
“I gave my statement and my witnesses testified, so we will wait for the committee to make recommendations and the party to make a final decision,” he said.
Dr Kambwbili, who is former minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said as a loyal and law-abiding member of the PF, he will accept and abide by the decision which the ruling party will make pertaining to his fate.