#‎LuckyBuckets getting ready for our Hungry Lion #‎MukubaMall opening
#‎LuckyBuckets getting ready for our Hungry Lion #‎MukubaMall opening

Hungry Lion prides itself on being a brand that gives MORE as part of its identity as a proudly Zambian brand.  Hungry Lion has opened a new store in Kafue and as part of their brand promise of giving MORE they will be reaching out to the New Beginnings Children’s Village, home to orphaned children of Kafue.  The orphanage aims to support children through education & skill development, something Hungry Lion as a brand feels passionate about.


“The orphanage has been struggling with water reticulation for quite a period of time and our partnership with New Beginnings Children’s Village will help ease this challenge, among others,” Hungry Lion’s spokesperson Charles Botha said.


On Saturday, 17 December 2016, the most loved chicken brand in Zambia hosted a fun day for the children at the orphanage.  The day was filled with entertaining games, cleaning the grounds of the orphanage, painting the premises walls and spending time with the children.  Apart from the visitation and refurbishment of the orphanage, in its spirit of giving MORE, Hungry Lion staff also presented each child with a Christmas gift.


Charles Botha, spokesperson for Hungry Lion, added that Hungry Lion’s commitment towards the community was part of the company’s promise to reach out to the local communities they serve.  Hungry Lion’s Corporate Social Responsibilities mainly aims to contribute towards hunger relief & change within their communities.  With the handover of the gifts, Charles Botha commended the orphanage for its commitment to providing a home and nurturing orphans and vulnerable children who had no place to call home.


New Beginnings Children’s Village Director Pastor Kenny Bisha Goma said:


“Today is an exciting day for the children at the orphanage. Hungry Lion’s generous contribution brings hope to the future of the children at New Beginnings Children’s Village.”