“Kambwili was against extending the term to 7 years”

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Tension in the ruling PF is said to be growing as factions have started teething leading to looming internal wrangles.

A source close to senior party officials who declined to be named said the party is divided on number of key issues, including the appointment of MMD President Felix Mutati as Finance Minster and the firing of Chishimba Kambwili from his ministerial position.

The source said senior Party members have formed cartels within the party which will likely lead to serious in-fights like those seen in 2014 when former Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s group took on the GBM led faction.

The Source explained that among the key issues bringing the confusion in the party is the appointment of people they consider foreigners in the Party in key ministerial positions, while sidelining those who fought for the Party alongside the late President and founder of the party Michael Sata.

“In fact abalechita coordinate fyonse ifi, Ni ba senior member mu party and a Cabinet Minister, people are not happy they are saying just now all of these bena Mulusa and Dora are calling the shots, sometimes even disagreeing on certain issues that the Principal has said in public, such as the issue of policy inconsistent, which Mulusa said there was none when he was in South Africa, while the Principal on several occasions lamented the inconsistencies. And while there is tension in the party, the principal decides to fire CK. Mwamona these are the things Boss KBF was talking about in the Post Newspaper, people have been left out, and it’s like the Principal wants to create people loyal to him, that’s why abena Bowman are facing resistance.

“You see, ichaletelele Kambwili is the Parliament sitting where, as PF, we proposed to amend the constitution. Kambwili refused and voted against, the problem he doesn’t shut his mouth so he was already overheard in the lobby saying, guys why should we bring back deputies in govt we are already making unpopular decisions, it’s a waste of money and I will not defend govt. And he also said problem is Lungu has become selfish, he wants to extend the term of office, when are we ever going to give chance to others, it’s not because Kambwili stole money, of course they are all stealing but it’s because he is against extending the term to 7 years which disadvantages him from standing.”

He said in the run up to the budget presentation of Friday some Members of Parliament from the PF and some senior Party members held secret meetings to try and send a message by disrupting the budget presentation.

He said a number of MPs were of the view that the budget was an MMD event which should not be supported by all devoted PF members as that would send a message to the President that they are not happy.

” Things are not okay, I am just from meeting Kasabo at Spice Club and he tells me the bosses say we should not go ku Parliament for budget presentation pantu nabafulwa, so that we show our anger to the principal. There is no way you can give the cheque book of the country to a foreigner who is MMD, now he has the power to create cartels to give more money to Ministers who are loyal to him, walishiba Ministers are useless without money?

“Infact didn’t you see that the Budget Presentation was dull and there was no celebration, the choir and dance troops were not there, didn’t you see how unusual this budget presentation was, the Minister came alone with his wife, there were no PF senior members walking with him. Anyone whose smart can see that there is a problem here, Frank Bwalya came hours later,” he said.

He said some members are complaining that the country’s economy has been given back to the same people they fought hard to remove from government in 2011 as the key ministries such as Finance, Agriculture, Commerce and National Development are all in the hands of people who were part of the MMD Government.

“Principal has shown that he wants Mutati to take over from him, and truly I think KZ is very intelligent because this strategy they have if it works the Principal will leave someone who won’t betray him like Simbyakula was about to do over the constitution.

“Principal listens too much to Inonge wina, so we tried to disturb her on the Copperbelt but it seems Wina has made up her mind to back Lungu on Mutati and other MMD guys to be in charge of cabinet. She is telling people that ifwe ba PF we can’t manage a country we are not better than the MMD guys who have experience, they are in Parliament why are they complaining,” he said.


SOURCE: LUSAKA TIMES https://www.lusakatimes.com/2016/11/15/divisions-brewing-pf/


  1. You people you cannot learn from America just 4 years term. But with you , you want to continue power with the way things are

  2. All lies lies lies,please get a hold of yourselves and stop all this lieing business.

  3. ah u mean chakolwa thug is serious with the se7en term extension? i mean two years of him as president is half hell already, wht more mu seven year iyo, ni chaos!

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