UPND still confident petition will be heard – GBM

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has dismissed concerns its preoccupation to having its August presidential election petition heard is eroding its significance to Zambia’s democracy.

UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba says it is also not true that owing to this preoccupation his party is not in a position to render credible checks and balances to government.

In an interview with Qfm News Mr. Mwamba states that contrary to the raised concerns his party is pursuing the matter of its petition not only for itself but also for the Zambian people.

Mr. Mwamba says the UPND is aware that the over 3 million people that voted for it in the August general elections would like to see this matter dealt with to its logical conclusion.

He says this means that his party will stop at nothing in seeing to it that this happens and Zambians accorded the opportunity to know what transpired.

Mr. Mwamba says his party remains hopeful that its petition will be heard one day.

Meanwhile, UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani says it is unfortunate that it has taken the international community to start speaking for the violation of human rights in Zambia.

Mr. Mapani says it must worry every Zambian citizen that the Amnesty International is calling on the state to drop all charges slapped on UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba.

Mr. Mapani, who is also a Human Rights Lawyer, says those in authority should learn to respect the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

He says it will not help the nation in any way for those in authority to intimidate and harass those with opposition views.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mapani has observed that the hiked fuel prices which will result in the hiking of most goods and services will disadvantage the poor in rural areas.

He says the people are already suffering in rural areas saying with this move to hike the fuel prices, it will make the cost of living for local people high which they cannot afford.