Govt says there are no political prisoners

juvenile justice prison
juvenile justice prison

Government says there are currently no ‘political prisoners’ but ‘political suspects’ in the correctional centres.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said there are no political prisoners that are detained for various criminal charges and offences at some remand prisons.

Mr. Kampyongo told Parliament in a ministerial statement today that government will not condone lawlessness in the country.

He said government will not politicise the unfolding political happenings but thoroughly investigate such cases.

“Mr. Speaker sir, there are currently no political prisoners but political suspects in our correctional facilities in the country,” the Minister said.

On violence, the Home Affairs Minister said the post August 2016 general elections said police recorded 50 political cases in nature.

Mr. Kampyongo said violence accounted for 76 percent (%) in three provinces namely Central, Lusaka and Southern provinces respectively.

He said Southern accounted for 40 percent of the political violence in the country, Central (26%) and Lusaka province 10 percent.

Mr Kampyongo however, could not state the breakdown of the political affiliation of those detained but simply responded, they came in confrontation with the law.

The Minister appealed to political party leaders to provide the necessary leadership qualities and steer their members away from trouble.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kampyongo has said the country is stable and peaceful and business is being conducted in a good atmosphere.

The Minister said police and other law enforcement agencies are enforcing the law and there is absolute order in Zambia.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, the country is stable and peaceful. Business is booming as usual and conducted in good atmosphere,” Mr. Kampyongo said.

The ministerial statement was marred with mixed feelings especially from amongst opposition parliamentarians who accused government and the PF members of arbitrary violating human rights of citizens.